More Than Just a Power Point

Coming into this project, I was extremely worried.  Having never done anything other than a traditional powerpoint with multiple slides, I became worried just thinking about triggers, outlines, fillers, and things of that nature.  I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  After watching the help video, it was simple to set  up the triggers.  Once that anxiety was pushed out of the way, I found it exciting.  I felt a particular brand of triumph when I found the exact music that I wanted and got it to come up with the correct or incorrect answer.

If I could go back and spend more time on the project, I definitely would have fixed a few of the triggers and possibly made it on multiple slides.  I would do it on multiple slides because it became impossible to edit any of my questions once they buried under other questions and other triggers.  In other words, it simply became to messy for my inclination towards neatness.


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