EDM Reflections

This class has put me through a roller coaster of emotions in the best way possible.  I came into this class a little wary simply because technology has generally been one of my weak spots.  Throughout the course, however, this began to change.  I looked forward to attending class and figuring out how to tackle the next project.  As I leave the course, I still have a bit of animosity towards technology, but I will always be able to approach it with an attitude that says “I’m going to find a way to do this and make it awesome!”  All in all, I am a lot more confident with the material than ever before.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working with my group, especially on the group video.  It was truly one of my favorite assignments from the course.  I think one of the reasons that the groups worked out so well is that we were grouped by the grade levels we wanted to teach, which has been extremely helpful.  The group has been able to help me, and I hope I’ve been able to help as well, by coming up with ways to adapt our projects for our age group when so many others needed it for a younger group.  There is one thing I was a little disappointed about and that was not being able to do the final project as a group.  I believe we could have put out a great product, but I understand why it needed to be modified.



More Than Just a Power Point

Coming into this project, I was extremely worried.  Having never done anything other than a traditional powerpoint with multiple slides, I became worried just thinking about triggers, outlines, fillers, and things of that nature.  I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  After watching the help video, it was simple to set  up the triggers.  Once that anxiety was pushed out of the way, I found it exciting.  I felt a particular brand of triumph when I found the exact music that I wanted and got it to come up with the correct or incorrect answer.

If I could go back and spend more time on the project, I definitely would have fixed a few of the triggers and possibly made it on multiple slides.  I would do it on multiple slides because it became impossible to edit any of my questions once they buried under other questions and other triggers.  In other words, it simply became to messy for my inclination towards neatness.

Assisstive Technology

Assistive technology is technically defined as any device that helps a person with a disability complete an everyday task.  While many assistive technologies are quite complicated, not all have to be.  For instance, a visual timer can be counted as a piece of assistive technology.  Many students with several different disabilities can benefit from the use of a timer.  For students with autism, timers can be visual reminders of transitioning from one place or activity to another.  For students with ADHD, a timer can be extremely helpful in self-monitoring.  If a child is actively being reminded to assess what they are doing or how they are doing it, they are much more likely to stay on task.

A visual timer can also act as a way to include special needs children with their peers.  While one student may need the timer more than usual, all students can benefit from more self-monitoring.  Since these timers can also be used as a form of motivation (ie. “Only a few more minutes until lunch.  I can do this!), timers can be beneficial for all students and even for teachers.

For more information, check out this awesome article Benefits of a Visual Timer