Trophies and “Greased Lightning” Group Project

I can honestly say that woking on this group project has been my favorite activity in EDM 310 thus far.  To me, nothing is better than working with a group that consists of other hard-working students who want to do their best.  I really enjoyed that we got to choose our topics, especially since we got to talk about a huge problem in our school system today.  In addition, I appreciated the fact that there was a rubric that we could refer to throughout the process.  I know that I personally struggle when there are no parameters set for a project as I thrive on structure.

While I definitely think that this project should be continued in the coming semesters, I believe that there are a few things that should be worked out.  It would have been great if the groups could have had an extra class day to work on editing.  My group was very good about time management, but if we had fallen behind for any reason there would not have been much time to fix it.  Also, it would have been good to have a longer time frame for the video itself.  Instead of 6 minutes long, it would have been great to have 10 minutes.  If we had that time, we could have definitely shown more creativity and even added in bloopers that will sadly be unseen.  Once these things are fixed, I think this project will reach a new level and help other students use technology in creative ways.


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