Multitasking is the Life of a Student

Today, I watched a video by Micheal Wesch called A Vision of Students Today.  Despite the fact that this video is almost a decade old, many of the concepts discussed still apply to students.   Plenty of students miss class and laptops are brought for Facebook use rather than class use.  Interestingly enough, the video also points out that students don’t have enough time to live their life and do well in school without multitasking.  One student remarks that they are a multitasker because they have to be.  This statement hit home with me as I often find myself multitasking throughout the day.  For instance, I’m eating dinner while I’m writing this post.  So, what’s the big deal if every student is already doing this and has been forever?  The big deal is that advances in technology have made it easier than ever to get work done or get distracted while multitasking.

This is why I plan to use technology in my classroom when I am a teacher.  My goal will be to teach my kids how to use their tech to get work done faster so they can spend some free time on Facebook when they get home.  Also, I want to teach my student how to use technology effectively at the college level.  Laptops are helpful, but they can also be a major source of distraction. I want my students to head into college with a good grasp on how to study and use tech effectively.


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