Great Tips to have Great Photos

In a time that is filled with Instagram posts and Snap chat updates, it is clear that we love taking pictures of the world around us and videoing significant moments of our life.  It is also clear, however, that not all of these snapshots or videos are of the best quality.

That’s when tips from a professional, like Dave Walker, come in handy. In a presentation, Dave mapped out some some great strategies to turn even the worst photos into masterpieces. He covered several tips, but one of the best was how to properly light a photo or video. Walker suggest avoiding direct sunlight. Instead, he recommends shooting during the “golden hour” or in overcast weather.  Golden hour is the hour before the sun goes down, which casts a gold coloring over everything that is not as harsh as direct sunlight. It is also good to shoot in overcast weather because the clouds work to diffuse the harsh beams of the sun.

Walker also gave some great tips on shooting video. In a video, Walker says that it is best to cut the length by 2/3 of what we think it should be. For instance, if you think a video should be 10 minutes, it would be best to cut it to 3 minutes. These are just a few of the great tips presented to make anybody’s photos or videos better.



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